Now, is the time to take care of yourself. Whether it is to de-stress, relieve pain or relax just-because-you-deserve-it, our massage therapists are perfect for every need.

Deep Tissue

Why Get a Massage?

Stress does more than add tension to your shoulders; left unattended, your heart and blood pressure might suffer, too. UpZen Health’s massage services in Sandy works out your tense muscles. Easing muscle tension addresses chronic pain and short-term stress, which help you fully relax.

Did we mention it also helps flush out the toxins in your body?

Also, a good massage is perfect for bad posture. By loosening up your joints and muscles, our therapists improve your body’s natural movements.

Types of Massages

Couples Massage

Deep Tissue

Pregnancy (Pre-natal) massage




Back massage

Structural Integration

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