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“Baby Whisperer”

Raised holistically, Dr. Matthew Roller, avoided prescription drugs growing up. In fact, he is trained in homeopathy, herbology and acupuncture and even planned on becoming a botanist. His path changed after being in a severe car accident and the only thing the doctors provided for healing were pain management drugs. Looking for more, he found chiropractic. He learned there were other ways to help people in addition to what the modern medical world was offering. From that point, his journey began. Dr. Matthew Roller has been in practice since he graduated from school in 2003. He called his practice Roller Chiropractic and started in a humble room in the back of a health food store working his way up to his own clinic. He was inspired to then change the name to UpZen Health to create a well-being practice rather than just a chiropractic office. Dr. Roller is one of a few doctors in the valley trained in the Pettibon System to provide corrective chiropractic adjustments and exercise therapies. His patients have since called him the “baby whisperer” because of his gentle touch, fun-loving demeanor and amazing results. “I love babies! I always have!” (Check out our pediatric page to find out why its important for babies to get adjusted from day one)

Having ADHD himself, Dr. Roller has also gained a passion for helping children with ADHD/ADD heal and become more accepted through a non-drug approach. He teaches computer based learning that improves behavior, focus and overall well-being. Check out his sister company, Prosper Clinic, for more info!

When he is not at his practice, you can find Dr. Matthew Roller, playing with his 5 kids at the park, geeking out on the latest computer game and of course, doing anything outdoors.

"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well." -Hippocrates

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