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Gain insight into your body's innate ability to heal itself without the need of drugs or other unnecessary medical interventions.


Corrective treatment plans with exercises and adjustments that bring the body back into alignment and harmony relieving pain, discomfort and many forms of dis-ease throughout the body. Serving the whole family including prenatal, postpartum and pediatric care.


Full service therapeutic massage care, including couples massages, with a focus on relaxation, removing pain and discomfort, detoxing, mental clarity and overall well-being. Massage goes hand and hand with chiropractic when it comes to full body rejuvination

Auto Accident Therapy

In Utah, auto accidents occur every 8 minutes meaning it could happen to anyone, virtually anytime. When it does, injury is practically inevitable. We offer the therapy specifically designed after auto accidents to help get you back into shape sooner, than later. 

What our clients are saying:

"My baby was surprisingly calm when Dr. Roller held him because he usually didn't do well with strangers. After he was adjusted, Dr. Roller laid him down in his car seat and to my shock and amazement, my fussy, usually screaming-in-his-car-seat-baby, actually fell asleep!! Later that evening he had the biggest blackest poopy diaper ever and was less fussy ever since. Ever since then, I have believed in Dr. Roller's clinic. And numerous other positive stories in mine and my other kid's and husband's chiropractic care. I could write for pages.
Jessica Eldridge
"I have been treated by Dr. Matthew Roller, intermittently over the last 10+ years, for neck and back issues. I have appreciated the pleasant manner and positive results. I lead an active life in work and play and occasionally need treatment to get me back into alignment for optimum movement. Dr. Roller achieves this for me."
John Williams
"I love the atmosphere! Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. I appreciate how flexible and understanding everyone is. Of course, I have noticed a huge difference in my pain level and range of motion (in my neck). I really had never though much about chiropractic care until I came here and changed my mind.
Stacee Sawyer
"I am very happy that I started coming here a couple of years ago. My initial injury has been resolved (pain that I received when exercising) and Dr. Roller has helped me to feel more balanced and relieve my back pain as it occurs through everyday life. Thank you, I am happy to be an UpZen client. Also, Amber has helped me with my pain and other physical ailments though her fabulous massage techniques."
Jillie Tempest

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